Nurturing customer love

Know, grow and defend your customer base with our loyalty, analytics, predictive customer modelling and direct marketing smarts


Turn data into dollars

Data enables analytics. Analytics drive insight. Insight identifies opportunities. Opportunities drive revenue.


Our approach:


Identify: Know which customers transactions are coming from


Understand: Enrich, analyse and make predictions based on data to identify revenue opportunities


Engage: Communicate with customers based on an understanding of drivers needs and wants


Train: Monitor and refine to continually improve every customer metric


Humanising customer engagement

Understand what your customers look like, how they think and what actions they want to see from you next


Our tools:


LoyPal Engine

Cleanse and join customer data from multiple sources


LoyPal Brain

Decipher data to understand the past, predict the future and make recommendations for customer actions


LoyPal Dashboard

Review customer information, marketing recommendations and results achieved


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Some of the brands we work with: