Loypal Engine

Data enrichment: Transaction data is captured into the LoyPal Engine and linked with additional data sources to provide a panoramic view of a customer.

Loyalty operations: Customers are linked to transactions, loyalty balances are processed and promotional offers are managed.


Loypal Brain

Data-driven recommendations: Analytics tools (looking at history) and predictive models (looking at the future) are used to identify customers to target with communications and promotional offers.

Journey planning: Customer journeys to optimise customer engagement are built, automated and refined. Journeys are based on analytical observations of preferences, needs and wants and create personalised (and therefore relevant) customer interactions.


Loypal Dashboard

View customers: Understand customer types, spend values, preferences, segments and more through our intuitive and powerful dashboard.

View recommendations: View and approve recommended revenue driving campaigns for targeted customer groups. See a forecast redemption rate, cost and ROI.